We are a reputed company in the Middle East, offering laborers such as housekeepers, babysitters, waitresses and waiters, hotels staff, nurses, labors for construction and other materials and different majors mainly from South Asia, and Africa.

We started providing many of our customers and support them with laborers to meet the market requirement, with affordable expenses and wages.

Since December 2016, we have launched our activities in many of the Middle East countries, based on the customer requirements and the need of the societies. As many of families and individuals, are not available at their living places during working hours, and they do not have the enough period of time to support their children and maintain the cleanliness of their houses, we made agreements with many agencies around the world to make the laborer come to your place, exactly where you are and do these kind of work for you.

Amal Recruitment offers to the customers laborers in different majors, and assists them in finding the best of what they expect. There are many options of workers available at our magazines. We offer a better service at an affordable cost.

You can count on us